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Catta 27 s.r.l.

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О компании

Based on our experience, with more than 80 years of presence in the Ice-Cream market and pastry semifreddo, we are proud to offer to our Customers complete production lines, from pasteurization to final boxing, fully customized to meet any requests of the product and Customers, while maintaining high quality standards required by the market at the lowest possible cost.

Maintain and strengthen specific skills, while constantly innovating technical solutions. Make the organization more efficient, and not least intensify efforts to respect the enviroment which is fundamental nowadays.

Respect for customers and their needs.
Respecting and maintaining the system of "family team" has arisen with our employees.
Ethical approach to life and the work system.
Corporate environmental sustainability.


  • Mix Treatment
  • Continous Freezers
  • Filling Machines
  • Moulds Machines
  • Tunnels
  • Accessories
  • Semi-Industrial
  • Spare-Parts
  • Engineering
  • Service


The first line, equipped with two lobe pumps, one for entrance and one for exit, available in two versions with PLC or without.
The second line, equipped with a piston pump, this also available in both PLC or electromechanical.
The Freezmat Lobe pumps are available from a minimum of 200 liters per hour up to a maximum of 3000 liters per hour.
The Freezmat pump piston are available from a minimum of 200 liters per hour up to 1200 liters per hour.



CATTA 27 Icepack filling machines are designed adopting the latest technologies and highest expertise specific for the ice cream and dessert sector.
The Icepack range varies from compact and efficient ROTARY machines (1, 2 or 3 rows) to the LINEAR (2 to 12 rows) with capacities that can exceed 40.000 pcs/hour.
Catta 27 machines are robust and reliable, easy to clean and maintain and will grant you the best return for your investment.



Catta 27 tunnels are born from more than 40 years of specific experience.
From the first tunnel installed in the 80s, we have updated and improved our architecture.
The rugged and reliable mechanics combined with cutting-edge solutions make tunnels Catta 27 the best possible investment.
Capabicities range from 5000 to 40000 pcs / h.
The types of product are almost endless: products on a stick, in glass, in cone, bars, multi-layer, sandwich, etc


Catta 27 s.r.l.
Via Roma 32/1
40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

Телефон: +39 51 6721511
Факс: +39 51 960520

Roberto Fagnani
Area Manager
Телефон: +39 33570 59767

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